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Pet Urinalysis

Providence Veterinary Clinic at The Mill offers advanced pet urine analysis to ensure your pet’s urinary health. We provide early disease detection, customized treatment plans, and peace of mind.

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Pet Urinalysis

Enhancing Pet Wellness with Advanced Urinalysis

A urinalysis test checks for levels of specific chemicals in your pet’s urine. Abnormal levels of certain chemicals can be a sign of particular illnesses. The urinalysis screens for imbalances that can be an indication of kidney disease, kidney infections, bacterial infections, urinary tract disease, diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, urinary bladder disease, auto-immune disease, Cushing’s disease, prostate disease, hepatitis, and liver conditions.

Benefits for Your Beloved Pet:

Early Disease Detection:

Urinalysis can identify signs of kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and other issues in their early stages, allowing for prompt intervention.

Customized Treatment Plans:

We tailor our veterinary treatments to your pet’s specific needs, ensuring the most effective care.

Preventive Care:

Regular urinalysis helps prevent urinary tract infections and kidney problems, which can cause discomfort and illness.

Improved Urinary Health:

Addressing urinary issues enhances your pet’s overall comfort and quality of life.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing that your pet’s urinary system is healthy provides reassurance and allows you to enjoy your time together.

Long-Term Health:

A well-functioning urinary system contributes to a happier, longer life for your furry family member.

Invest in Your Pet’s Urinary Health with Urinalysis

When choosing Providence Veterinary Clinic at The Mill, you’re placing trust in a team that understands the complexities of pet emotions and is dedicated to ensuring your pet’s urinary wellness. Contact us today to schedule a pet urinalysis and give your beloved furry family member the gift of a healthy urinary system.