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Pet International & Domestic Travel Certificates

At Providence Veterinary Clinic at The Mill, we don’t just provide certificates; we ensure peace of mind, making your pet’s travel experience safe, comfortable, and worry-free. Let’s embark on this journey together.

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Seamless Pet Travel: Your Pet’s Journey Starts Here

Depending on the destination, vaccines or tests may be needed for your pet to enter the country. Every country has different requirements and different timelines. Unfortunately, these timelines and requirements also frequently change.

Most countries also require specialized documentation and an Internal Health Certificate issued from a USDA Accredited Veterinarian, verifying that your pet is healthy for travel. These documents must be endorsed by the United States Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS).

Additionally, airlines also have their own requirements and paperwork, not to mention your furry family member may need a little sedative to help make the travel and flight less stressful.

We encourage anyone considering international travel to visit the USDA Pet Travel Website.

Discover the Benefits for Your Beloved Pet:

Stress-Free Travel:

Our travel certificates are your ticket to your pet’s smooth and stress-free journey.

International Adventures Await:

Dreaming of exploring new horizons with your pet? Our international travel certificates open doors to global adventures.

Domestic Delight:

Even within the country, travel requirements can vary.
Our domestic travel certificates ensure compliance
with all regulations.

Expert Guidance:

Our experienced veterinarians are well-versed in travel regulations and can guide you through the process.

Comprehensive Service:

We provide all the necessary vaccinations, health checks, and documentation required for pet travel.

Peace of Mind:

Traveling with your pet can be daunting. We offer you peace of mind, knowing that your furry friend is in expert hands.

Pet International & Domestic Travel Certificates for Your Furry Explorer

At Providence Veterinary Clinic at The Mill, we believe that pets should be part of every adventure, no matter how far or near. Our pet international & domestic travel certificates ensure that your pet’s journey is not just a trip but a memorable experience for both of you. Don’t let travel restrictions hold you back from making lasting memories.