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Pet In-House Blood Work

Providence Veterinary Clinic at The Mill offers advanced in-house blood work, ensuring swift and accurate diagnosis for your beloved pets. Our expert team provides personalized care, early disease detection, and a stress-free experience.

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a group of vials with red liquid in them

Empowering Pet Health with Advanced In-House Blood Work

Blood work usually combines a complete blood count (CBC) and a blood chemical analysis. Blood work is a basic healthcare evaluation tool. Pets, particularly those in their senior years, should have a CBC at every annual examination. Blood work allows a veterinarian to monitor the progression of a pet’s disease.

Routine blood tests are run before anesthesia and surgery to ensure that your pet has no disease or illness that would make anesthesia or surgery a significant risk. This lab work is very similar to the “pre-op labs” that your doctor would recommend before you have any procedure performed on yourself.

Benefits for Your Beloved Pet:

Swift Diagnosis:

In-house blood work allows us to obtain quick and accurate results, leading to faster diagnosis and treatment.

Personalized Care:

We tailor our treatment plans to your pet’s unique needs, ensuring the most effective and appropriate care.

Comprehensive Assessment:

Blood work provides a holistic view of your pet’s health, helping us detect issues that may not be apparent through physical examination alone.

Monitoring Chronic Conditions:

For pets with chronic conditions, routine blood work enables us to track their progress and make necessary adjustments to their treatment.

Preventive Care:

Early detection of underlying health issues allows us to
prevent potential complications, ensuring a healthier and
longer life for your pet.

Minimized Stress:

Our in-house blood work minimizes wait times and stress for your pet, as samples are processed on-site.

Secure Your Pet’s Health with In-House Blood Work

When you choose Providence Veterinary Clinic at The Mill, you select a team that understands the complexities of your pet’s health and is dedicated to ensuring their health and happiness. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for in-house blood work and experience the peace of mind of having a trusted partner in your pet’s healthcare.